James Wright

PhD Student, Aerospace Engineering

University of Colorado Boulder

Who am I?

I’m a PhD student studying aerospace engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. My research interests are in computational fluid dynamics, hybrid turbulence models, and vehicle aerodynamics.

I’m also interested in motorsports and disc golf.


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Turbulence Modeling
  • Vehicle Aerodyanmics


  • PhD in Aerospace Engineering

    University of Colorado Boulder

  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering, 2019

    Clemson University

  • BSc in Mechanical Engineering, 2018

    Clemson University

Recent Posts

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Recent Publications

Hybrid Turbulence Model Computations of the NASA Juncture Flow Model Using PHASTA

Simulations of the NASA Wing Juncture problem using the open-source PHASTA solver. Results from SA and DDES turbulence models with adaptive refinement are examined.

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